Athleta: Crush Of Adrenaline



Fashion Week has begun in New York, and fitness brand Athleta made its “runway” debut this past wednesday with the performance, “Crush of Adrenaline.” Showcasing a fusion of fitness and fashion that appears to be a new direction for the brand, the show featured non-stop high energy dance and fitness moves choreographed by Luam Keflezgy, who has worked with such performers as Rihanna, Kanye West, Beyonce and Britney Spears. The “models”, clearly athletes and dancers, displayed impressive athleticism, coordination and power while showing pieces from the upcoming Winter and Spring collections in action. Gone were the earth toned, teal and rose palette one might associate with Athleta, replaced by pumped-up colors, shiny silvers, bold graphics, and contrasting stripes, but also chic creams, grays and cashmeres.

Storming though the door that Lululemon opened and capitalizing on the phenomenal growth in the athletic apparel market, brands like Athleta, Under Armour and Nike are seizing the opportunity to capture their share of the women’s market. Fitness apparel has become the new “sportswear”, now even outselling jeans. Says Nancy Green, President of Athleta at Gap, Inc, “We’re at a time where there is a major trend happening and fitness is having a huge influence on women’s fashion. Women are wearing performance pieces in their everyday outfitting. We see this as a huge opportunity for Athleta, and are excited to showcase the incredible versatility of Athleta’s performance and lifestyle products during our fashion week event.”

We are excited as well to work some of these pieces into fitness rotation both in and out of the gym, and look forward to seeing what other sporty looks come down the runway this week!