Yoga Means Business



Work stress tightens the psoas muscles, leading to poor posture, back and pelvic pain. Warrior poses release the psoas to alleviate physical pain as well as the anxiety that causes it.


A new startup, Yoga Means Business, has taken the practice of yoga out of the studio and into the office.  Co-founded by two entrepreneurial yoginis, Chiyoko Osborne and Jen Kluczkowski (left and right in front above), Yoga Means Business brings their signature 30-Minute Method to you, with no yoga mats or change of clothes required. Using just office chairs, desks and walls, the 30-minute session consists of basic yoga postures and stretches, breathing exercises and meditation, and offers the physical and emotional benefits of yoga in a corporate setting.

Yoga allows the mind and body to tap into higher levels of focus, creativity and clarity. “Our unique YMB 30-Minute Method is specifically tailored to help busy, stressed employees reboot seamlessly during their workday,” says Jen Kluczkowski, YMB co-founder and lead facilitator. “This unique yoga method is designed to make participants better at their jobs by offering a way to unplug, recharge and return to work refocused–all in under 30 minutes.”



Sitting all day and staring at the computer, our chest caves inward, shoulders collapse and neck tilts down, which physically blocks our communication centers in the body. This posture releases tension in these areas and improves communication.


“The most powerful purpose of yoga has always been to better focus your own mind—and nowhere is that more useful than in business,” said co-founder Chiyoko Osborne, who understands the stresses of today’s work environment having held posts at Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang and McCann Erickson. “What is new is the rapidly spreading realization that these Eastern practices can drive Western business success. Leaders of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies, hot tech startups and giants like Google, Intel, General Mills and Goldman Sachs, have been incorporating mindfulness practices for their executive teams and staff for years.”

Coincidentally Team YMB and Style of Sport share offices at The Grind, along with a community of other happening start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, and we asked them for a few moves to share with our readers. We wrangled a some fellow Grind members for Chiyoko and Jen to guide through the moves. Above and below are 7 key postures they recommend to counter balance the physical and emotional stresses work life takes on us all.
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