Nordic See & Ski



One of the coolest parts of watching the Olympics is seeing all the sport specific style, gear and accessories one is only exposed to every four years. The nordic skiing competition has been in full swing, and we took notice of the eyewear the athletes have been wearing in the cross country events like the biathlon and skiathlon. Yes, there are the traditional sport sunshields, but there are also these hybrid goggle-sunglasses, offering the protection of a goggle with the smaller frame of a sunglass. They are secured in place by an adjustable strap that can also be traded for traditional temples, and the lenses flip up into a visor with a push of the finger. This is a feature utilized in particular by biathletes, who stop and target shoot in the middle of their race, although we think this would be very convenient for everyday use as well!

FROM TOP: BLIZ PROFLIP. Bliz Active lenses are made of unbreakable Polycarbonate with 100% UV protection. Polycarbonate is up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses and offers the highest degree of protection. They are also thinner and lighter than regular plastic lenses, ideal for rimless sports eyewear designs.

JULBO “THE SNIPER”. Little bit of a scary name, but The Sniper is designed for cross-country skiing. It comes with a choice of Zebra photochromic lens, combining excellent reactivity to light conditions and outstanding optical quality. Optimum ventilation and ergonomic design reduces air currents to protect the wearer from condensation when going up hills and cold when coming down.

CASCO NORDIC SPIRIT. Originally developed for pro racers, the Nordic Spirit is perfect for the recreational skier as well. From the beginner’s model with PC lenses to the professional version with Vautron-Technology, the custom fit and maximum comfort of this Nordic shield is guaranteed during highest sports activity.