Pharrell on Wheels


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From his Vivienne Westwood hat at the Grammys, to Lanvin tuxedo shorts at the Oscars, to top of the charts hit, “Happy”, Pharrell Williams‘ influence in fashion and music is omnipresent. Yet unbeknownst to many is Brooklyn Machine Works, the NYC based bicycle company he co-founded last summer with BMX pro and rising star, Nigel Sylvester. The company manufactures BMX bikes, and in typical Pharrell mode, recently collaborated with the ultra luxe Paris based furniture design duo, Domeau & Pérès, to create a limited edition fixed gear bicycle.

Domeau & Pérès are recognized for their craftsmanship, and true to their style, the bicycle is couture hand stitched and covered entirely in water buffalo leather. As much artwork as mode of transportation, this made to order bike is priced at $16,500. It is currently available in a limited edition of 13 exclusively at Atelier Courbet in Manhattan’s Soho. Only one is being produced per color, so if yellow is your flavor, and price is not an object, best put the pedal to the metal now.