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Amp up your workouts and recovery with some good vibrations! Vibration therapy is a powerful tool for muscle tension, pain relief, and increased flexibility — before, after, and even as your workout. Here are a few modalities to target every body part from head to toe.

POWER PLATE MOVE $2995. The Power Plate is a both a vibrating recovery and workout platform, and the space-saving MOVE offers the perfect combination of size and function. It utilizes multi-directional vibration technology that causes reflexive muscular responses for better balance, mobility, and strength development. Vibrating with a frequency of 25 to 50 times per second (25Hz to 50Hz), it works muscles harder and in a shorter time frame than with traditional methods. The Power Plate also stimulates lymphatic flush, improves circulation, and promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles, tendons, and joints.

TRIGGERPOINT MB VIBE BALL $79.95. With its spherical design, multi-directional rolling, and 3 vibration speeds, the TriggerPoint MB Vibe penetrates deep into muscles to target tightness and relieve pain far more effectively than a non-vibrating ball. Ideal for use before and after workouts, it loosens and lengthens muscles to increase flexibility, and reduce pain and stiffness. Just 4 inches in diameter, carry it with you to have on hand anytime!

POWERDOT 2.0 UNO $199. If you’ve ever done any kind of physical therapy, chances are you’ve experienced electrical stimulation pads. PowerDot is a FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device that offers a combination of that same TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) technology in a sleek little package. Whether you are looking to supplement your training or recover from workouts, PowerDot puts the controls in the palm of your hand with wireless, app controlled, Bluetooth enabled pads, and guided programs for performance, wellness, and pain.

THE O-SEAT $29.99. Get on to get off! Yes, it’s what you think it is, a vibrating bike seat cover. Compatible with any indoor or outdoor bike, the O-Seat looks just like your typical gel seat cover, but hidden discreetly within is a pouch for the companion Lovense Lush vibrator, controlled via an app on your phone. 

THERAGUN ELITE $399. Lightweight, professional grade, and ultra-quiet, the Theragun Elite is a powerful deep muscle treatment tool that utilizes high frequency percussive massage to stimulate blood flow, reduce pain and stiffness, and improve range of motion. The Ergonomic Multi-Grip and Smart App Integration makes it easy to use for better athletic performance and as an everyday wellness tool too.

POWERFIT POWER LEGS MASSAGER $169. The couch just got way more comfortable with the Power Legs foot massager. Tone, soothe, and relax with the proprietary rotating acupressure heads that emit oscillating vibrations to help refresh and energize legs and feet. Varying speeds and intensity levels are controlled with a wireless remote to customize the massage how you want it and where you need it most.

HYPERICE VYPER 2.0 $199. What’s better than a foam roller for pre- and post workout, warm-up and recovery? A vibrating foam roller! Strong, sleek, and durable, the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 offers all the benefits of foam rolling amplified by three powerful speeds of vibration. It’s constructed with a high-intensity vibrating core and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, encased in an eco-friendly high-density polypropylene foam for maximum vibration transfer.

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