The Watch To Watch



Just back from the New York City Marathon Expo, where there was all sorts of super cool new running shoes, apparel and gear. I have to say the hot item of the show was the running watch just debuted by Adidas. Like many state of the art running watches on the market, such as the Suunto Ambit2, Nike+ Sportwatch, and Garmin Forerunner 610, the MI COACH SPORT RUN watch has GPS for pace, distance and route logging; customizable training data screens; heart rate monitor; and timer, interval and lap functionality. There are a number of unique features, however, that set it apart.

To start, the MI COACH SPORT RUN is the first touch screen sport watch — i.e. no tiny buttons to access data — and the screen is color. Simply swipe from function to function. The heart rate monitor measures bpm off the wrist, so no additonal heart rate strap is required. The watch also features a built in MP3 player with 4GB of data storage and Bluetooth audio for use with cordless headphones. It syncs with the MiCoach platform for workout planning and tracking, and real time coaching is delivered via audio cues or vibration alerts from the watch.

Now I have not tested the watch myself, although I am eager to take it out for a run, but from what I saw in the demo and its ultra sleek style, this looks like the watch to watch!