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2022 US OPEN

Throughout her career, Serena Williams has made as big a statement on the tennis court with her fashion as she has with her indomitable style of play. From the one-legged catsuits, to the collaborations with Virgil Abloh, to the shimmering black dress she has donned for this year’s US Open — Serena has continually pushed boundaries and redefined the style of the game.

When Serena took the court on Monday night for her first match of the 2022 US Open, possibly the last of her career, we knew she’d be wearing an outfit to mark the occasion. Designed like a black cocktail dress, with long sheer sleeves, a crystal covered bodice, and six layered skirt — one for each US Open she has won – Serena did not disappoint. Neither did her daughter Olympia, watching her mom from the stands in a mini version of the same dress and black NikeCourt Flares embellished with crystal swooshes.



Most notable perhaps was Olympia’s hair, done in the same braids and white beads both Venus and Serena wore when they first made their mark on the tennis world, and the same as Serena wore when she won her first US Open in 1999.


US OPEN 2020

Many of Serena’s most memorable fashion moments of late have been those matching outfits that she and Olympia have been wearing. When it comes to Olympia, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, who always comes ready to play and dressed to win.