LT: The Life & Times of Lawrence Taylor



Now airing on Showtime is “LT: The Life & Times”, a documentary that chronicles the ups and downs of the career of NFL Hall of Famer, Lawrence Taylor. Nicknamed “LT”, Lawrence Taylor is arguably the best linebacker to have ever played the game and considered one of the best defensive players of all time. His tumultuous life off the field, however, brought him equal notoriety for substance abuse, illegal drug possession, and numerous resulting NFL suspensions.

Directed by 27-time Sports Emmy winner Peter Radovich, Jr., and narrated by Jon Bon Jovi, the documentary takes an in depth look at Lawrence Taylor’s life with previously untold stories from Taylor himself, his family, friends, former teammates and coaches, including Bill Parcells, for whom he won the Super Bowl with the New York Giants in 1987; Bill Belichick, who was the Giants defensive coach; Phil Simms, the quarterback; and even Joe Theismann, whose career he ended with that famous hit that broke his leg. Despite LT’s flaws, all seem to have genuine affection for him, Parcells in particular, based on the tenacity with which he played the game.

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Go Team



Football season is upon us. NFL apparel and its oversized team jerseys are not something that usually earn style points, but all over the September issues are chic ads featuring models such as Karolina Kurkova and Hilary Rhoda supporting their favorite teams. In an effort to appeal more to its style conscious female fan base, the NFL hired famed fashion lensman Patrick Demarchelier to shoot this campaign promoting the NFL Shop and line of women’s apparel available at Target as well.

So for all you football fans out there rooting for the home team, now you can do it with some style. V-necks, burnouts, sparkles, hoodies and more, matched with the right accessories, this sporty look need not be reserved for game day only.


The NFL On Instagram




Although I am not really a big football fan, other than cheering for the home team, I have been a follower of the NFL Instagram feed all season. These little square photographs that look like poloroids, faded with filters and framed with rough borders, have been given a special vintage quality that harken back to those early Sports Illustrated days. But it is also the image itself that is different. It is not the big play that is captured but something more intimate and almost innocent, as if the NFL were a high school football game.

So with the Super Bowl just a few days away and only 2 NFL teams left on the playing field, I thought I would share some of my visual highlights from the season.