Snacking in the Raw



As I have reported in previous posts, we are big snackers at Style of Sport and always on the lookout for a tasty treat. We recently discovered Go Raw Spirulina Super Chips and Pumpkin Super Chips, a slightly sweet and savory raw chip that has proven to be very addictive around the office. Having heard about the benefits of a raw food diet, we decided to find out more and check out some other raw chips on the market.

The fundamental principle behind a raw food diet is that plant foods in their most natural state, uncooked and unprocessed, are the most wholesome for the body. Staples of the raw food diet include seeds, sprouts, seaweed, whole grains, beans, dried fruits and nuts. Many swear by this way of eating, crediting a raw food diet with weight loss, lowered cholesterol, improved digestion, better immunity, and increased energy, but it is challenging way to live, and not the most fun. When it comes to snacks however, raw chips and crackers are a great healthy alternative to the other baked and fried products on the market.

Raw foods are loaded with enzymes to help the body properly digest and assimilate foods for optimal nutritional value. Raw chips are not cooked, but dehydrated, preserving the nutrients in the ingredients. Organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds pack these chips with protein, fiber, omegas, vitamins and minerals. Plus they are naturally low carb and gluten free.

Now for those of you with a palette for Tostitos and Doritos, it may take a little while getting used to the taste. Raw chips are not overloaded with the salt and artifical flavors to which your tongues are accustomed. Once you develop a taste for the more subtle and natural flavors of the raw chip ingredients, here are a few of our favorites we think you might enjoy.

ALIVE & RADIANT KALE KRUNCH AND VEGGIE KRUNCH. Kale chips are all the rage. This green leafy vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse loaded with vitamin A, C, K, B6, Calcium, Iron and Potassium. Alive & Radiant also makes Teriyaki Greens Veggie Crunch and Sweet Onion Veggie Crunch, in addition to other flavorful leafy snacks.

WONDERFULLY RAW SNIP CHIPS. The primary ingredients in these Snip Chips are raw organic parsnips, coconut and cashews, each a great source of nutrition. Flavors like Dill Pickle, Cheezy Herb Truffle, and Chipotle Lime Cilantro pack a mouth watering punch.

GO RAW SUPER CHIPS. The Spirulina and Pumpkin varieties are our favorites, subtly sweet with ingredients like banana, dates and coconuts; crunchy and nutritious with spirulina, flax and pumpkin seeds.

RHYTHM SUPERFOOD KALE CHIPS. Flavors like Zesty Nacho, Bombay Curry and Kool Ranch make these some the tastiest kale chips around.

BRADS RAW CHIPS & CRACKERS and LEAFY KALE.  Brad’s products are the most prevelent and seem to be popping up everywhere. They make various delicious flavors of dried kale, as well as a whole assortment of vegetable chips, such as Sweet Potato, Beet and Sundried Tomato.

TWO MOMS IN THE RAW SEA CRACKERS. We love the Pesto flavor, crunchy, savory and loaded with nutritious khombu, flax seed and pine nuts. They also makes a full line of handmade granola bars, nut bars, truffles and cereals.