Backyard Fun & Games


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At the beach, in the backyard, or on a picnic,

here are a few of our favorite classic outdoor games made for summer fun.



CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT: OF ONE SEA PADDLEBALL SET $90. This beautifully hand-crafted birch plywood paddleball set includes two playing balls and a canvas carry-all bag. KAUFMANN MERCANTILE WOOD & METAL BIRD CALL WHISTLE SET $240. Highly accurate, wood and metal bird call whistles are handcrafted by a French birder, and come in a set of six including Black Capped Chickadee, American Robin, Golden Plover, Long-billed Curlew, Mourning Dove and Black-billed Cuckoo. BEST MADE CO. AMERICAN LONGBOW $690. As an introduction to archery or the pursuit of mastery, this is the perfect bow for all levels. Free of the high tech aids of modern bows, the simplicity of the iconic American Longbow teaches instinctive form and style, and is designed for a comfortable and confident feel in hand. WOODEN DICE YARD GAME $59.95. Roll these jumbo dice and liven up your backyard BBQ or summer picnic. The set of five beechwood dice comes in its own canvas carrying bag with instructions for four dice games.VIVA SOL FORGED HORSESHOES $124.99. Included in this walnut finish wooden carrying case (with a convenient built in bottle opener!) are 4 forged steel horseshoes and 2 stainless steel stakes for summer fun on the go. JAQUES LONDON BOULES SET $49.99. The national game of France can be played anywhere, and these beautiful polished alloy Boules are ready to go in their own zipped canvas carrying case. JAQUES LONDON MAGNUM OUTDOOR CHESS & CHECKERS $69.99. This almost 3ft. square chess and checkers set is made to be played outdoors and includes a waterproof canvas mat, lawn stakes and a canvas carry bag. Each disc is 2 5/8 inches with the chess piece stenciled on one side. JAQUES LONDON EDENBRIDGE CROQUET SET $799. Another gorgeous outdoor classic from Jaques London, the Edenbridge Croquet Set is designed for 6 players, with everything you need for a big game of croquet, and it all fits in this stylish red pine box.