The 26.2 Miles of the NYC Marathon




Photograph by one of New York City’s Finest Police Officers, who also art directed the shot!

Ever wonder what it’s like to run the NYC Marathon? With a bum hip but a strong heart, I decided to forget about time this year and just have some fun along the way. Snapping instagrams at every mile, here is a peek at the 5 boroughs, from start to finish, through one runners eyes! Click images below for enlarged view.

Image Map

ROW 1: Left: It was cold and blustery at the start with wind gusts up to 30 MPH! I could only imagine what it was going to feel like on the bridge. Center: You learn to love those Porta Potties and frankly they were the warmest spot at the start! Right: After 3 marathons, finally I’m on the upper level of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. The wind is crazy but it’s gorgeous up here!

ROW 2: Left: Festive and colorful garb hitting Mile 1. Only 25 more to go! Center: Mile 3, Brooklyn. The beginning of the long stretch of 4th Ave which takes you to mile 8. Right: A marathon selfie at mile 5!

ROW 3: Left: Piles of discarded Poland Spring and Gatorade cups at the Mile 6 watering station. Center: Just one of the funny, motivating and RANDOM signs at mile 7 made by the enthusiastic crowds who line the streets to cheer us on. Right: Finally a new street! Making a right on to Lafayette at Mile 8.

ROW 4: Left: Mile 13. Halfway there on the Pulaski Bridge that takes us from Brooklyn into Queens. Time for a new borough! Center: Heading up the Queensboro Bridge. Manhattan here I come! Right: Phone died after Mile 15, but here I am at Mile 23 with my family and friends. 3 miles to go! The highlights in between are the roar of the crowd as you run up First Ave and finally hitting mile 20 in the Bronx. The finish line is in your grasp now.

ROW 5: Left: My SoulCycle running mates and sub 4 hour marathoners, Melissa Iorio and Sheila Barrett, at the finish. Center: The walking wounded and the long trudge home. It’s nearly impossible to get back to the East Side of Manhattan. The streets are closed, there is not a taxi in sight, and Uber is charging “Surge” rates which I refuse to pay no matter how tired I am! Right: Home sweet home! Well, my friends The Greenbergs, who luckily live on the West Side, for a insanely delicious post marathon dinner! I have now walked another mile since I crossed the finish line. ~CL