Mother’s Day 2020: Keep Calm & Carry On



It’s a different kind of Mother’s Day this year. While we all want to stay active, one of the most important things we need to be doing right now is chilling out. Rest, relaxation, and calm are some of the biggest boosts for our immune system. With that in mind, here are the best gifts to help her do just that this Mother’s Day…


ROME PAYS OFF X JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT COLLECTION YOGA MAT $120. Why give a plain yoga mat, when you can give a work of art! The “Now Is the Time” yoga mat features Jean Michel Basquiat’s 1985 artwork. It’s eco-friendly and biodegradable too, printed with water-based inks on natural tree rubber and recycled bottle plastic.

THE RITUAL OF JING MAGNESIUM BATH CRYSTALS $17. These calm-inducing bath salts renew the body and soul, with the relaxing fragrance of Lavender fused with the tranquil essence of Sacred Wood. Magnesium helps to improve sleep quality to leave her feeling refreshed and energized in the morning too.

NILI LOTAN JANIE HOODIE $275. Post workout, out for a walk, or just relaxing at home, the Nili Lotan Janie hoodie is a cool all-day look. It comes in 6 neutral colors and features a distressed hem, pockets, and collar.

NAKED CASHMERE PUFF SLIPPER $125. Relax and unwind in these soft and luxurious cashmere slippers, topped off with a playful fur pom pom. With a comfortable padded insole and flexible suede outsole, she will never want to take them off.

ALMOND COW PLANT-BASED MILK MAKER $195. No need to buy non-dairy milk when she can make her own fresh almond, oat, or other plant-based milk! With a press of a button, the Almond Cow turns any nut, seed, or grain into deliciously fresh milk in an instant.

HILL HOUSE HOME SILK EYE MASK $45. Embroidered with “Je Suis Tired”, “Apologies for the Delay”, and sunglasses… these playful and chic silk eye masks help block out pesky light for a restful night’s sleep — and look good in bed too!

YOGA SLEEP WHISH™ MULTI-SOUND MACHINE $39.99. Rain sounds, ocean waves, or the whoosh of a running fan… the Whish multi-sound machine has 16 sound options, including four signature Dohm sounds, four high-quality white noise options, four relaxing nature recordings, or four signature sleep songs — all designed to relax the body and calm the mind.