Old Workout Clothes Wanted!



Of all the things you can sell on eBay, used workout clothes are not something for which you would imagine there would be market.  As it turns out however, there is for both buyer and seller, and 26-year old Jill Moskowitz, aka “fitbuyer212“, has figured out a way to make a six figure income doing just that. She’ll give you cash on the spot for your old leggings and sportbras too!

2 years ago, tired of her dog walking job in New York City, Jill started looking for alternative ways to make money. A California native who had gone to college in the city, she had always sold stuff on eBay. She stared listing her old Lululemon pieces and found there was a market. Clearly resourceful, she figured other people were probably just donating or throwing away their old workout wear, and she could make it business out of it.

Jill began by putting flyers up offering money for used workout wear, and printed business cards which she handed out outside of fitness studios. It was a struggle at first to find sellers but once word of mouth spread that there was this girl who would give you cash on the spot for your old stuff, her business started to boom. Earning over $100,000 in her first year and on track to double it this year, she has clearly found a market.

Athletic apparel, or “Athleisure”, is the biggest trend in fashion, but many of the hot brands like Lululemon, Alala, Koral, and K-Deer are too expensive for many people to afford. Those who can’t buy them new, will buy them used, and it’s those brands — Lululemon in particular, as well as SoulCycle gear – for which she has the highest demand. “You can sell me something with holes, sweat stains, pilling,” says Jill, “and somebody on the internet will pay money for it.”

It’s not always a lot of money, but it adds up for both sides – especially when you figure this is something you would have thrown away. For example, she goes on, “A Lululemon top with huge stain on front, I’ll give you between $2-5 and sell it for 3 times that. That’s my markup”. Some Lululemon pieces, she told us, sell for more than their original retail price!

While business is booming, there is quite a lot of work involved. People come from all over the Tri-State area to sell her clothes and send her pieces from all over the country. Days are spent running around to people’s homes and offices doing pick-ups, and then there is the work of posting each item in her store on eBay. The packaging and shipping comes after that, and all-nighters are often pulled. At 26-years old, however, for a girl who never wanted a regular desk job, the hours are worth it because they’re her own.

So what is the fashionable Fitbuyer212’s workout wear of choice? Lululemon is her favorite, of course, because she knows she can sell it when she’s ready for something new!

You can email Jill at: fitbuyer212@gmail.com