31 & Done Days of Digital Fitness!



The 31 Days of Digital Fitness are a officially a wrap! I went into this month having sampled just a few home workouts, and came out having tried them all! The digital fitness market has exploded with online workouts you can stream live or on demand; fitness apps that let you take those workouts to go; and high-tech interactive home gym equipment. Treadmill, barre, Peloton, rowing, HIIT, swimming, yoga, Pilates and more – all these workouts, led by the industry’s top fitness instructors, are now available for the sweating — any place and any time.

The best thing about all of these workouts is the convenience and variety. If you’re pressed for time, most offer classes or routines as short as 7 minutes, which can also be a supplement to your regular workout. Try quick Nike Training Club ab blast after SoulCycle or an AloMoves yoga stretch after a run. Ideal for travelers too, bring your favorite workout with you to do in the hotel gym or your room.

People always ask me at the end of these 31 Days features what my favorite workouts are. My usual reply is that it’s not really about me because we all like different things. I may hate barre class, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a great workout. I may love spinning, but a lot of people hate dancing on a bike. The beauty is there is something for everyone. The best exercise is the kind you do!



All that being said here are my top 5 favorite online workouts, fitness apps, and home gym machines. For more info on why – and the two I thought sucked – you can read about them all here: 31 Days of Digital Fitness.

ONLINE: All of these offer lots of different kinds of workouts for great value and variety. They are also available as apps:

Classpass Live
Peloton Digital
Beachbody on Demand
Daily Burn


Sweat with Kayla
Asics Studio
My Fitness by Jillian Michaels
Nike Training Club


Peloton Tread
Hydrow (reviewed previously)
Peloton Bike


Physique 57
Pilates Anytime
Sky Ting Yoga
Glo Yoga