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The weekend may be over, but you can keep that relaxed vibe going all week long with these cozy heathered sweats and tees! Hoodies, crewnecks, shorts, sweatpants, and more… we’ve got the comfy duds to have you feeling like it’s the weekend any day of the week!

LEFT COLUMN: ZOE KARSSEN DAY DREAM BOX FIT TEE $75. “Day Dream” in this super soft, tissue-weight jersey tee. It’s got that retro gym class style, with relaxed fit and raw edges on the sleeves and hem. REEBOK YOGA BURNOUT COWL NECK HOODIE now $35.97. For relaxing at home, or to and from the gym, this washed fleece burnout pullover sweatshirt features a cozy oversized hood and drapey cowl neck for added comfort and style. OUTDOOR VOICES STEEPLECHASE SPORTS BRA $60. This lightweight grey heather sportsbra features a distinctive keyhole cut-out in front and racerback for sporty comfort and mobility. A&F CROPPED JOGGER SWEATPANTS now $23.20. Supersoft and comfortable, these vintage style cropped sweatpants feature cinched elastic cuffs, drawstring waist, and side pockets.

CENTER COLUMN: FRAME DENIM LE BOYFRIEND COTTON JERSEY SWEATSHIRT $150. This gray on gray cotton-jersey sweatshirt highlights those classic crewneck details on the collar, hem and cuffs with darker tones for extra sporty flair. J.CREW WEEKEND SKINNY SWEATPANT $69.50. These comfy slim fit sweats are perfect for all your daytime sport activities or doing nothing at all. Grey tone highlights on waist and ankles give added style. JAMES PERSE VINTAGE FLEECE SWEATSHIRT DRESS $135. This classic vintage fleece sweatshirt knee length dress features raglan sleeves, ribbed cuffs and bottom hem for all day comfort and sporty style.

RIGHT COLUMN: SUPERDRY ORANGE LABEL ZIP HOODY $99.99. This classic zip hoody is ultra plush and cozy. It features embroidered Superdry chest logo, drawstring hood, and fleece lined front pockets. MONROW SUPERSOFT CREWNECK SWEATSHIRT $112. This lightweight sweatshirt is super comfy for lounging around, and cut with subtle styling details for an all day sporty look. FREECITY STR8UP SLEEVELESS RAGLAN CREW HEATHER $168. Show off those guns with this tuff girl sweatshirt, sexy too if you’ve got the arms to work it. RELIANCE GARMENTS CREW SHORTS $95. Designed for comfort supreme, indoors or out, these drawstring shorts are made with a luxe 12-oz. Japanese circular knit jersey, garment-washed and multi-pocketed, for added style and function.


Running Strong


If you live in Manhattan, Dr. Jordan Metzl is one of those doctors everyone seems to know. If you, or your kids, have had a sports injury, chances are they’ve seen Dr. Metzl or been advised to at least. That’s how I know him myself. A nationally recognized physician, who practices at the acclaimed Hospital for Special Surgery, Dr. Metzl is selected annually by New York Magazine as one of New York City’s top sports medicine doctors. He is equally well known as a competive runner and tri-athlete, with 32 marathons and 12 Ironmans under his belt. For those who don’t know what an Ironman is, it’s a mega triathlon that consists of a 2.2 mile open water swim, a 112 mile bike ride and THEN a 26.2 marathon.

Dr. Metzl now adds fitness instructor to his roles as sports doctor and athlete, and it is here that he acts as a liason between the two. His workout program “Ironstrength”, which he teaches in various locations around the city twice a month, is now available on DVD, and new book Running Strong, are preventive guides to the sports injuries he sees both as a doctor and athlete himself. Ironstrength started as a class of 20 people and now has an invite list of about 7000. It’s different everytime and in a variety of locations. The class is kind of like a flash mob that descends upon a particular location and disappears when the workout is done.

As an athlete, there is nothing worse than being sidelined by an injury, which Dr. Metzl knows first hand. A torn ACL in college took him off the playing field, and it was the knowledge he gained rehabing that injury with “functional strength training” that he shares with his patients, class participants and readers. Both the Ironstrength workouts and Running Strong are guides to functional strength training designed to keep our bodies healthy and injury free. These are full body exercises that mimic movements performed in everyday life — not lying on your back and pushing heavy weights. Plyometrics and functional strength exercises like jump squats, twisting lunges, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, planks and burpees are go to favorites in the Ironstrength workouts. They are total body moves for total body strength.


Running Strong is geared towards all levels of runners, from the those just getting out on the road, to competitive athletes looking to increase their speed and mileage. Accompanying videos of the various exercises prescribed are included, along with “virtual visits” to Dr. Metzls office where he explains the anatomy of an injury, how to rehab it and prevent it from recurring. These videos can be accessed via a link in the e-book and with a smart phone app in the printed edition.

These exercises and the Ironstrength workout are not easy. Says Dr. Metzl, “I want you to work hard and set the bar high for each exercise. But I also want you to approach it from your leval of fitness. If you need to do fewer reps fine. Adjust the workout to your leval of fitness and build as you get stronger.” Each exercise can be modified as well for those wanting a more or less strenuous workout.

As much Dr. Metzl likes seeing patients, his goal is to keep us out of his office by building strength in those muscles needed to support the rigorous activities like running that we rely on our bodies to perform. His next objective is teaching other healthcare professionals and doctors how to prescribe exercise for their patients as well.


Room With A Bike




Since the launch of the Citibike bike sharing program last summer, whether for commuting or recreation, it has never been easier to bike around New York City. Cycling has become a tourist attraction as well and now a featured amenity at many boutique hotels. For the upscale traveler, the garish blue logo-ed Citibikes offer neither the style nor convenience of a fleet of the most fashionable urban cycles available at one’s hotel. Small luxury hotels like The Surrey, Gramercy Park Hotel, and The Mark have partnered with bespoke bicycle companies like Bobbin Bicycles, Martone Cycling Co., and Republic Bike, offering their guests the opportunity to ride these chic cycles during their stay.

For these boutique hotels, the bicycle companies they partner with become an extension of their brand and the design of the hotel. The Mark commissioned Republic Bikes to create a custom bicycle for the hotel which incorporates design elements of the hotel’s lavish interior, such as black and white stripes on the chainguard and basket, and an orange saddle that matches the hotel’s outdoor seating.

When The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca recently decided to provide bicycles for their guests, with so many companies to choose from, they carefully researched bicycle brands that aligned with the aesthetic and spirit of the hotel. “We had heard about Shinola and the store is just a stones throw away”, explains manager Kai Gilsey. “In reading about the brand, it became clear that they shared a very similar ethos to us. They value handmade craftsmanship, something that is authentic, and understated luxury… all the things that align with The Greenwich Hotel as a brand”.

At their core, the two business share the drive to restore industry in America. While Shinola has a flagship store here, it is a Detroit based company dedicated to reviving the economy of that city and made in America craftsmanship. The Greenwich Hotel is owned by Robert DeNiro, a proud Tribeca resident who founded it in the aftermath of 911 as part of the revitalization of lower Manhattan. The hotel seeks to support local businesses that share the vision of the neighborhood. A bellman escorts guests around the corner to the Shinola store where they are fitted for their bike. With the most beautiful collection of bikes, watches, leather goods, desk accessories and other gift items, along with a fantastic coffee bar and newsstand, it’s a shop they would recommend to their guests anyway.

The usage of these bikes is complimentary. For hotels located near to Central Park or the West Side Highway bike path, one extra definitely worth paying for is a picnic lunch. With chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichten at The Mark Restaurant, Cafe Boulud at The Surrey, and Locande Verde at The Greenwich Hotel, guests can ride AND dine in style.


The Finest Line


Once on the fringes, big wave surfing has moved into the forefront of the sport of surfing with a generation of surfers riding waves of unfathomable height and magnitude, and reinventing the limits of what is surfable. The Finest Line is a photographic foray into the world of big wave surfing and the first book to look at this subculture as a whole.

Written by Rusty Long, professional surfer, journalist, photographer, and one of the biggest names in big wave surfing himself, The Finest Line takes us around the world, from one legendary wave to the next, with breathtaking images and awe-inspiring stories of hallmark sessions from such breaks as Maverick’s, Jaws, Cloudbreak, Teahupo’o, Belharra, Nazaré, Shipsterns Bluff, Dungeons, and Puerto Escondido. The book also includes interviews and insights from many of the leading surfers of this era, including Mark Healey, Greg Long, Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Mike Parsons, Peter Mel, Dave Wassel, Kohl Christensen, in addition to a foreword by famed surfer Tom Carroll.




In the introduction, Long shares how from just after the turn of the century until 2014, big wave surfing has risen to completely new heights. Feats that were once very rare, like paddling into fifty-foot plus waves, have become normal. The introduction of the Jet Ski was perhaps the biggest factor in assisting big-wave progression. Tow-in surfing pulled surfers on to waves too big to paddle into. Surfer Laird Hamilton rose to prominence during this era, along with Buzzy Kerbox, Darrick Doerner, and Dave Kalama, who shattered boundaries with the Jet Ski assist, and redefined the way surfers could approach and ride giant waves. The tow-in surfing boom around the millennium, most prevalent at Jaws on Maui and Maverick’s off Half Moon Bay, California, opened the door to the pioneering of many other waves. Waves considered unrideable or even unapproachable, like the giants at Teahupo’o in Tahiti and Shipsterns Bluff in Tasmania, became rife with chargers yearning to be towed into the craziest waves possible.
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Beauty in Action


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What is the best way to test out the staying power of your makeup? In an inspiring new campaign, makeup artist Bobbi Brown called in four professional female athletes put her new sweat-resistant, waterproof “Long-Wear Life Proof” eye-makeup line through the paces. Her roster includes surfer Kelia Moniz, alpine ski racer Julia Mancuso, snowboarder Hannah Teter, and BASE jumper Roberta Mancino. A short YouTube video series, called #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF, shows each athlete in action, captured via GoPro, looking gorgeous and smudge-free while surfing, skiing, snowboarding and sky diving. Bobbi Brown told The Huffington Post that these four extreme athletes have taught her that “beauty is about so much more than makeup; it’s about strength, confidence and courage, and that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it.”

The impressive campaign brings the products to life, and shows that no matter the woman, the sport, or the conditions, the last thing these fearless females should have to worry about is their makeup.  Says Hannah Teter, “I may be an extreme sport athlete, but I still want to look pretty out there on the slopes”

-Kristen Leen

Fight Club


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Spring Training alert: weak is out and strong is in! One of the most popular fitness trends right now is boxing and a host of NYC gyms and fitness studios are proving that women are not afraid to throw their weight around  — or a jab or a hook or a cross! At Gotham Gym, their slogan “Train Like A Fighter” references the intense conditioning and ripped physiques for which boxers are known. From Title Boxing Club on Manhattan’s Westside, offering boxing and kickboxing classes in a warehouse space hung with punching bags, to Shadowbox, a new spalike boxing studio opening later this month in the Flatiron District, boxing facilities are popping up all over town.

With Victoria’s Secret models Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and Constance Jablonski duking it out with former champion boxer Michael Olajide Jr, co-founder of Aerospace, one of the original boxing fitness studios, they are proving that tough girls are sexy… and so are the styles to go with it! Taking their inspiration from classic fighter style but with a sleek and modern flair, these are the pieces ready to go the distance both in the ring and out!

LEFT COLUMN: CHAMPION SPORTS LEATHER MEDICINE BALL $17.60-34.95. The medicine ball is a boxers favorite training tool for strength training, cardio, flexibility and rock hard abs. These colorful Champion retro leather medicine balls are available in a range of five of weights and colors for all your fitness needs. Y-3 METALLIC HOODED JACKET $917, TRACK PANTS $494. Inspired by the sweatsuits (literally) of boxing and wrestling lore, worn by fighters trying to sweat off excess pounds to “make weight”, no gym is required for this chic silver warm-up collaboration of Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. NIKE VAPOR SACK $20. Carry all your gloves, wraps, ropes and other training gear in this sleek low profile sackpack. The drawstring closure provides easy access to all your stuff, while the secure zip pocket adds storage space. Available in host of bold and graphic colors combos.
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W.O.W! Nigel Barker & The DogPound


In our WOW (Working Out With) series, yours truly goes head to head with a person of note, in the gym or some other sporting arena, to sweat a bit and talk about what’s up. For this installment, I connected with renowned photographer and fashion television host, Nigel Barker, at Gotham Gym in NYC to work out with his crew, known as the DogPound.

Nigel and I met in 2014 and got to know each other well working on his newest book, Models Of Influence, of which I was the photo editor. Published in February 2015, the book is retrospective of 50 of the most influential models in fashion history and the iconic photographs that defined them. Decade by decade, each chapter spotlights an era, and highlights the “50 Women Who Reset the Course of Fashion.”

Known well for his 17 seasons on “America’s Next Top Model,” Nigel was most recently the host of “The Face,” and is regularly featured on other television shows as the go-to fashion authority. A highly regarded photographer, filmmaker, philanthropist, and author, Nigel is no slouch in the gym either. Six days a week at 5:45 am sharp, he works out with a group of about 15 other guys and 3 very large trainers — Kirk Myers, Dawin Pena, and Brey Pena — aka the DogPound.




The group was originally assembled by actor Hugh Jackman, and includes various other captains of industry and a few Olympic athletes as well. The name “DogPound” is an homage to “Dali,” Jackman’s French bulldog, who presides over all workouts. The group meets every morning to “smash it,” their signature expression for crushing everything from weightlifting, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and literally smashing things — boxing, hammer drills, hitting drills, ball slams and throws. I got a taste of it, pushing a 200 lb. tire back and forth with Nigel, along with a sampling of other DogPound favorites. A little stomach bug kept me from going full out, but even a shortened session left my heart pumping and eager for another round with the DogPound! After our workout, we talked fitness, fashion, and Models of Influence.
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Stow n’ Go


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Spring temperatures may go up and down, but with these featherweight, wind and water resistant, stow n’ go jackets you’ll be ready for whatever the weather may bring. Just fold ‘em, roll ‘em and stash ‘em in your bag, pocket or their own handy pouch. Running errands or running trails, these 9 windbreaking shells, won’t let a little rain slow you down.

TOP ROW: FALKE ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM PACKAWAY SHELL JACKET $300. This featherweight mesh-paneled shell is wind-resistant and water-repellent, while still breathable too. Perfect for all your high intensity outdoor activities, it also features reflective detailing for extra functionality and a striped cuff accent for extra style. ALEXANDER WANG LAMINATED HOODED ANORAK $325. This chic city slicker is laminated with a shiny, water repellant finish. It features an aqua guard zipper, adjustable back drawstring, and front kangaroo stowaway pocket. UNIQLO POCKETABLE HOODED JACKET $39.90. This classic windbreaker can’t be beat for its low price and great array of colors. It is designed to block UV rays, so it’s a great option for sunny days too, and ideal for all your sporty outdoor activities. The contoured cut gives it a feminine, form-fitting look, and it packs away into an included pouch.

MIDDLE ROW: PATAGONIA WOMEN’S HOUDINI JACKET $99. Light as a feather and proven to protect against the elements, this technical running jacket is your go-to-shell for all your outdoor aerobic sports. Breathable and unobtrusive, it features a drawstring waist and a low-profile hood that fits snug with a single pull. Zippered chest pocket converts to palm sized stuff sack. NIKE TECH AEROSHIELD MOTO CAPE $180. Durable and light, this high-tech sport shell delivers versatile protection from the elements. It features a high-standing collar with a packable hood, raglan sleeves for mobility, and perforated lining for breathability. VFILES SPORT PLUS TECH TRACK JACKET $220. Reinterpreting classic sportswear, this unisex nylon pullover takes its inspiration from track and field, and amps it up with graphic modern style. Details include blurred Sport Plus logo, zip pockets on front & back, and mesh lining.

BOTTOM ROW: THE NORTH FACE CLOUD VENTURE JACKET $129. This lightweight shell is waterproof and breathable, and finished with a translucent half layer dot-print lining. It features a fully adjustable hood and large zip vented hand pockets where it can also be stowed. ADIDAS OUTDOOR TERREX AGRAVIC WIND JACKET $170. Made to keep going when the weather has other plans, this ultra-light bold patterned wind jacket stows neatly into its own pack pocket. Breathable Climastorm® blocks wind and light rain, while Formotion® fit offers performance and comfort in motion. Mesh panel on back provides added ventilation. ATHLETA INDIO ANORAK $108. Super-soft lightweight nylon combines with a jersey lining to make this hooded cover-up a cozy topper for your outdoor activities. DWR finish fends off unexpected showers and mist. Full-front zip, drawstring hood, and adjustable hem cinches to fit. Two front slouchy scoop pockets and metal grommets for ventilation add style and functionality.


Take Me Out To The Ballgame



…and the official start of another season of America’s favorite pastime! It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t appreciate what makes the game so special… a sunny day at the ball park, or an evening game played under the lights; hearing that crack of the bat and the cheers of the fans echoing in the stands. Even the healthiest among us can’t resist a hot dog, peanuts, and an ice cold beer. It’s a game of tradition and nostalgia, and most of us love watching the game even if we don’t know anything about baseball. It’s made for the fans.

Wouldn’t it be even more fun if you had a few insider tips and knew a bit of trivia about the game and the season to come? Here are the top “9 Things You Need To Know” for the 2015 season. That’s one for each inning, of which there are 9. We assumed you knew at least that.



1.A-Rod is back

New York Yankee Alex Rodriquez makes his return to baseball after being suspended for a year for using performance-enhancing drugs. Baseball’s bad boy accepted his 162-game suspension for doping, which kept him off the field the entire 2014 season. The suspension, the most severe punishment in baseball history, is said to have cost A-Rod $25 million in salary. Rodriguez may be the man you love to hate in baseball, but games are more exciting with him in the lineup. We hope he has a good season. Everybody loves a comeback!

Jeter is not copy

2.Derek Jeter is not

Yankee fans are still recovering from Derek Jeter’s retirement after a fairytale farewell season. Number 2 hung up his cap and his number is being retired too. Relive one of his most memorable plays HERE and then get ready for a new era of Yankee baseball. Their new shortstop, Didi Gregorius, has some big cleats to fill! While he’s more known for his glove than his bat, Gregorius had a great spring at the plate, and has fans looking forward to his first season in the Bronx.




3. Uniform style

Most teams have gone traditional in recent years and have multiple variations of their home and away uniforms (the better for merchandising, of course). The Oakland A’s are taking #ThrowbackThursday pretty seriously. At every Thursday home game, the A’s will honor their franchise by repping throwback uniforms and giving away commemorative buttons to the first 5,000 fans.

Our favorite uniforms are still the originals though, many of which are available at EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS. Their authentic wool flannel baseball jerseys, caps and jackets are identical to the originals in fabric and craftsmanship, and have been recreated using the original materials, lettering, sleeve patches and trim.

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Spring Trainers



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Keeping on the Spring Training theme, there is nothing like running to burn off those winter layers. The fresh air, solitude and simplicity can’t be beat and what better way to get motivated than with a new pair of kicks! These six running shoes have consistently been rated best in class for performance, fit and comfort for 2015. So whether you’re trying to win the race or go the distance, these are the hot trainers for Spring!

CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT: NEW BALANCE FOAM ZANTE $100. The Zante the new addition to the popular Fresh Foam family that New Balance launched last year. It is the speedy version of the also noteworthy, BORACAY, its more cushioned cousin. Great for all types of training from long progression to tempo runs, the Zante was rated Competitor magazine’s “2015 Road Shoe of the Year”. The shoe offers a quick and smooth heel to toe transition that feels fast at any speed. It’s bootie-like design wraps the foot for a sock-like fit with a seamless interior that provides superior comfort.

ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST $180. Run with super reactive spring and cushioning in the new Ultra Boost, the latest evolution in Adidas Boost technology. Fast and comfortable, they feature a seamless stretchy Primeknit upper, and the midsole, comprised entirely of Boost™ foam, offers an incredibly responsive underfoot feel.

BROOKS LAUNCH 2 $100. Lightweight and springy, the updated Brooks Launch 2 features an improved groove under the heel designed to adapt to any footstrike. A hard rubber mid-foot offers more durability, and extra cushioning in the forefoot provides added comfort. The Launch 2 now has a seamless upper construction, with mesh in the toe and heel for maximum airflow, offering an all around great run and value for the price.
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The Final Four


There was much Madness in March with the Mens 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament filling the airwaves. It all comes to a conclusion this Monday, April 6th in the championship game, but first the “Final Four” must play for a spot. Those two games go down this Saturday, April 4th.

It has been an exciting tournament so far with heartbreaking upsets and thrilling come-from-behind wins. As we handicapped the bracket for you at the start of the tournament with The 10 Things You Need to Know, here’s a quick recap of the tournament thus far and guide to the Final Four. Toss out at least one of these highlights at a cocktail party this weekend, and you’re guaranteed to impress the crowd!

The bracket. 

Of the 11.57 million brackets submitted to ESPN’s Tournament Challenge, only 182,709 correctly guessed the Final Four.

Who’s left? 

The Final Four will play in two semi-final games. First up will be No. 1 Duke vs. No. 7 Michigan State. This will be Coach K’s (remember we told you that’s Duke coach, Mike Kryzewski’s nickname) 12th Final Four appearance as head coach of the Blue Devils. Game time is 6:09pm on Saturday, April 4th. The next game is No. 1 Kentucky vs. No. 1 Wisconsin at 8:49pm. The Wildcats and the Badgers will meet in a rematch of last year’s Final Four pairing. Kentucky enters the game undefeated for the season.
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