The 31 Days of Fitness!


We celebrated the new fitness year all January with the Get Back On Track 31 DAYS OF FITNESS. I’m excited to say the month is now complete! I checked out a different workout everyday at all of the most popular boutique fitness studios in NYC to highlight the multitude of fitness options available. With such a wide variety of workouts and classes, there is no excuse not to be in shape this 2015! We’re based in NYC, but many of these studios have multi-city locations and even DVDs, and there are similar style workouts close to your home town. Check out our day by day reviews below and we hope to see you working out soon at one these studios!

The classes are rated 1-5 on three criteria: Cardio; Strength/Toning; Girly/Macho. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest, and for the last category, 1 = girly and 5=macho.

DAY 31: CROSSFIT & PURE BARRE. I decided for my grand finale to double down with two very different workouts — in fact they are polar opposites. While CrossFit is about big movements and full range of motion, Pure Barre is about tiny isolated movements. Both are equally hard, just made for two different fitness personalities.

CrossFit is probably the biggest fitness phenomenon across the country and around the world with a network of more than 11,000 affiliated gyms. CrossFit itself is defined as “constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity”. Functional movements mean exercises that make you stronger in the things you do everyday. It’s useful strength. Luckily for me, the free Intro to CrossFit class was only 10 minutes of actually working out, but in that short period of time we got a good taste of what it’s all about. For 10 minutes straight we did a circuit of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats for as many rounds as we could until time was up. Exercises are performed correctly, with a full range of motion, for short amounts of time, and with maximum intensity. There is no cheating, although pre-approved modifications are allowed. CrossFit is also about the community that arises when people do these workouts together. In fact, the communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective. The workouts are the same for every class all day and change each day, so everyone is on the same program and helps motivate one another. This was very apparent at Crossfit NYC where I checked out the program this morning. C=4 / ST=5 / GM=5

Pure Barre is also one of the biggest fitness studios with locations nationwide. The workout was similar to other barre workouts I’ve done this month and for this big muscle athlete very difficult! The class utilizes the barre, elastic bands and rubber balls in small, isolated and controlled movements targeting the glutes, thighs, arms and abs. The exercises are very difficult and effective, but not a lot of fun. It’s just hard work, which is fine if that’s all you want in an exercise class. Me? I need smiles and laughs during my physical torture! Cudos to instructor Alana Epstein at Pure Barre Union Square, however, for staying cheery and upbeat throughout the tough workout I barely survived on the last day of the 31 Days of Fitness! C=1 / ST=5 / GM=1 Read More


Snow Day: Nordic Style!


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It’s a SNOW DAY and a perfect time to go outside and play. Cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, building snowmen and making snow angels… we’re doing it all with Nordic Style! It’s a modern mix of classic snowflake beanies and sweaters, combined with new technical layers and gear. We’ve got everything you need for fun in the snow and the toasty layers to keep you out there in style.

COLUMN 1: FISCHER MYSTIQUE MY STYLE CROSS COUNTRY SKIS. Designed for the fitness-oriented woman and ideal for groomed tracks, these skis have Wide Body Technology for enhanced stability and climbing performance. The basefinish is an Ultra Tuning which offers unrestricted gliding. COLUMN 2: FISCHER MY STYLE XC TOURING CROSS COUNTRY SKI BOOTS $104.95. Paired with the skis, these My Style Cross-Country Ski Boots are a great choice for recreational in-track skiing with extra insulation to protect against the cold. BULA ACAPULCO BEANIE $19.99. Classic nordic style, this beanie is the perfect top off your snow day look! THE NORTH FACE WOMEN’S THERMOBALL VEST $149. A signature North Face piece in shimmery silver, the ThermoBall vest is constructed with insulation baffles designed to trap and retain heat for extra warmth in cold, wet weather. The contoured fit flatters the body so you look great out in the cold too. HESTRA WINDSTOPPER GLOVES $65. This cross country ski glove is specially designed for women’s hands. The tight fit and classical embroidery let you keep warm and look great as you glide across the snow.

COLUMN 3: PATAGONIA NANO-AIR HOODY $299. Warm, stretchy and extremely breathable, the Nano-Air Hoody sets a new standard for technical insulation. Merging the comfort and breathability of open fleece, with the protection and warmth of a puffy, this is the perfect jacket for all your winter sports. GARNEAU TRANSITION 723 SNOWSHOES $200. Designed specifically for running, the women’s Transition 723 snowshoes are made to move fast on flat, snowy terrain and keep you running all winter long. DALE OF NORWAY HEMSEDAL SWEATER JACKET $299. Since 1879 Dale of Norway has been making classic Norwegian sweaters, the iconic look of Nordic skiing. This sporty zippered cardigan is inspired by the same patterns of the original Cortina Olympic sweater and has great style indoors and out. SMITH PIVLOCK ASANA $159. Sleek and featherlight, the women’s Pivlock Asana is a perfect fit for your favorite winter sports. With a rimless design, two-position adjustable nosepiece and performance mirrored lens, these sunglasses are ready for the sunshine on a snow day.

COLUMN 4: ROSSIGNOL ICONIC WOMENS TIGHTS $150. Designed for cross country skiing, these body-hugging stretch leggings are perfect for all your active winter sports. A dual-material construction with stretch lycra on the back and a soft-shell layer on front makes them light, breathable with extra resistance to wind and snow. SMARTWOOL WOMENS PHD MEDIUM SKI SOCKS $25.95. For high impact absorption and ultimate warmth on snowy days the merino wool PhD Ski Medium delivers. The patented ReliaWool™ technology provides superior durability and the 4 Degree™ elite fit system creates a sock that never bunches, slips or binds.


Lindsey Vonn: The Climb


“Lindsay Vonn: The Climb” aired on NBC today, remarkably timed with her 64th World Cup victory in the Giant Slalom in St. Moritz. This documentary follows her journey back from two devastating crashes, two knee surgeries, and highlights her relentless determination to get back on skis and on top of the podium. This makes all the more impressive her 63rd World Cup victory on Monday, which made her the winningest woman in ski racing history.

Produced by Red Bull Media House, in association with NFL Films and NBC Olympics, the film features never-before-seen footage and gives viewers an inside look at the past 22 months of Vonn’s life, from the hard-to-watch crashes to the operating room to the grueling rehab. With extraordinary access, there is even quite a lot of screentime with boyfriend Tiger Woods, who together with she shares the story of her fight to come back.

Says Vonn, “The last two years have been filled with some of the biggest ups and downs of my career, and I’m excited to share this story with my fans. This is the most inside look I’ve ever given to my world, and I hope it inspires others who are going through challenges to keep getting back up when they are down.” The next stop is the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek February 2-15, where Vonn will be competing in her hometown, providing her story with even more great sports drama.

Encore presentations of “Lindsey Vonn: The Climb” will air on NBC beginning in February and will be available digitally on Red Bull TV starting January 28.




Posh Pedal Pushers


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LESS EXPENSIVE                                                               MORE EXPENSIVE

(RECREATION)                                                                                     (PERFORMANCE)



Whether riding indoors or out, every cyclist needs a shoe that matches their skill level and time spent on the bike. These shoes should be as stylish as any others you would put on your feet, especially as there are so many beautifully designed cycling shoes on the market. One may think for spinning you don’t need a performance cycling shoe, but an indoor cyclist actually puts as much pressure on their feet in a 45-minute class as a 3 hour outdoor ride. The same features a competitive cyclist would look for in a road shoe are just as important for the avid spinner.

Assuming you ride with some frequency, you want a shoe that is going to be comfortable, fit well and of course, look great! The difference between a high priced shoe and a less expensive one is the fabric used in the upper, the material used on the sole, and the buckle system. Brands fit differently… some narrow, some wide, and all offer high and low priced options. Here are 10 chic cycling shoes for both men and women, every budget and every level, ready to go the distance.

LESS EXPENSIVE (left from top)

GIRO TRANS E70 $200. Giro makes some of the most stylish bike gear on the market with the performance to match. The Trans™ E70 features a perforated upper that conforms to the foot, and the acclaimed SuperNatural Fit footbed with adjustable arch support for optimal comfort and pedaling efficiency. Combined with the Easton EC70™ carbon composite outsole, replaceable heel pads, and ratcheting buckle closure, this shoe offers a lot of performance for the price.

DIADORA SPEEDRACER 2 $234.99. Engineered and developed for the pros, the Speedracer 2 features an ultra-thin, but very rigid full carbon/fiberglass sole for efficient power transfer. Innovative features like the Power Flow ventilation system, V-Fit adjust strap and ergonomic insole deliver the highest level of performance.

SHIMANO SH-R088 $119.95. The Shimano SH-R088 road shoes are perfect for indoor fitness and outdoor recreational riders. A lightweight, fiberglass reinforced sole provides pedal power while the stretch-resistant upper enhances stability. Air intake/exhaust system offers continuous ventilation, Dynalast promotes a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke, and dual offset straps with micro-adjust ratchet give a snug, pressure-free fit.
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And The Winner Is…



We are very excited to announce the winner of the Style Of Sport “We Love Winter” Snowboard Giveaway. Kaitlin Carmel (funny name coincidence) has won the brand new GNU B-PRO GOLD KAITLYN FARRINGTON snowboard. This Limited Edition board is the signature ride of 2014 Olympic Women’s Half-Pipe gold medalist, Kaitlyn Farrington. Congrats Kaitlin, and thanks everyone for all your submissions and great reasons to love winter… we do too!

On an unexpected note, last Friday Kaitlyn Farrington announced her retirement from competitive snowboarding due to a degenerative spine condition called congenital cervical stenosis, a narrowing of the canal formed by the vertebrae through which the spinal cord runs. When we spoke to Kaitlyn in early December, she told us about a back injury that was going to keep her off the contest circuit for a while, but a recent MRI revealed a much more serious condition. According to ESPN, a fall on a jump in Austria in October, by far not the worst of her career, left her numb from the neck down for a few minutes. She recovered fairly quickly, and in fact was able to snowboard the next day. When she returned home to Salt Lake City, she began physical therapy, but with lingering issues, she decided to see a spine specialist who diagnosed her condition.

“I thought I was too young to hear the word ‘retirement,’” she told ESPN. “There’s so much I still want to do in the halfpipe. I thought I’d be pushing the sport for many more years and try to make the Olympic team in 2018. But the risk of snowboarding in a halfpipe or hitting jumps is too high. It’s been tough to accept, but I’m retiring from competitive snowboarding.” The good news is while she can no longer compete, she can still snowboard and enjoy what she loves so much about winter.

We are big fans of Kaitlyn’s here at Style of Sport, and expect nothing but greatness from this young champion. In her typical upbeat manner she told us, “Thank you for all the support and I’m looking forward to always having 100% FUN as I take on my next endeavors!”

Attitude is everything! And to the other Kaitlin… enjoy the ride!

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.19.16 PM



Valley Uprising


The world watched as climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson made their way up the Dawn Wall of El Capitan, free climbing its virtually sheer granite face for the first time in history, in what many consider to be the greatest climb of all time.

In free climbing, ropes are used only to protect in case of a fall, not to assist the ascent. What makes this climb so remarkable is how flat this wall is, with very few cracks and ledges for their hands and feet to hold on to. Caldwell and Jorgeson have now completed the most difficult sections or “pitches”, and could conceivably reach the top by the end of the week. The New York Times has been covering their ascent daily, and recently featured this interactive look at their climb: Dawn Wall: El Capitan’s Most Unwelcoming Route.

There are about 100 routes up El Capitan, first summited from the valley floor in 1958. Only 13 have ever been free climbed. “Valley Uprising”, a new film about the history of climbing in Yosemite by Sender Films has just been released on DVD and looks at the culture of the sport and this climbing mecca, from the 1950′s to the present day. Like what cool indie sport documentary, “Dog Town & Z-Boys”, did for skateboarding, and “Riding Giants” did for big wave surfing, “Valley Uprising” does for climbing, with great vintage images and footage, showcasing the rebel counterculture of climbing and the colorful personalities of its athletes.
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The Superstar


Will the Adidas Superstar become the sneaker of 2015, as the Stan Smith was in 2014? Judging by the promos now flooding social media with sneaker maven, Adidas ambassador, and ultimate trendsetter Pharrell, the answer is yes. But the Superstar has been on our radar, like all iconic sneakers of history, for many years, first as an athletic shoe, and then as a fashion sneaker.

The Superstar was originally worn for its performance on the court by pro basketball players in the early 1970s. It had been preceded by a high-top model, the Adidas Pro Model, which was first launched in 1965. The rubber cap, based on a seashell design, was introduced in 1969. With its rubber toe protection and non-marking sole, the shoe caught the attention of some of the best players in ABA and NBA — most notably Kareem Abdul Jabbar.



But it was RUN DMC and hip-hop culture that made the Superstar explode in popularity in the 1980s. The Superstar became synonymous with the group and its style, and they were ultimately given a $1 million advertising deal by Adidas.

Adidas just relaunched the Superstar with Rita Ora, David Beckham, and Pharrell as its spokespeople in the promotional video seen below. It is currently available in four colors in an 80’s Vintage model. Judging by the hype and its hip style, this does looks to be the sneaker of the year. As with the Stan Smith, we are looking forward to fashion’s interpretation of the Superstar and which designers make the shoe their sneaker muse.




Sport Luxe


Image Map


From an Hermes bicycle to Keith Haring Skis to Chanel goggles to a Vuitton punching bag, this is the ultimate in sport luxury! If money is no object, these designer and top of the line sport pieces are ready for action with the chicest of style.

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: HERMES LE FLANEUR $11,300. This Hermes unisex leisure bicycle in constructed of Spanish white carbon with smooth taurillon leather on seat, handle and trim. With 8 gears, it is exceptionally light, durable and comfortable. KJUS DIAMOND JACKET $1799. This warm European white duck down ski jacket features 600 fill insulation, 4 way stretch fabric, and award winning Solar+™ treatment from Schoeller® for extra protection from the cold. It is adorned with style details like a Swarovski crystal application and detachable fur trim at the hood. PARK ACCESSORIES SUDBURY GYM BAG $545. Like all of Park’s luxe sport bags, the Sudbury Gym Bag is crafted in rich, Italian coated canvas with vachetta leather trim that is as durable as it is chic. It is functional as well with adjustable leather straps for a yoga mat, an interior detachable signature plaid nylon pouch, and multiple interior and exterior zip and slip pockets. MONREAL LONDON SHORT SLEEVE PERFORMANCE TENNIS DRESS $420. Monreal London creates functional activewear with a high-fashion edge. This performance tennis dress is made from technical white stretch-jersey that’s designed to keep you cool on the court and off. CHANEL SHIELD RIMLESS SKI MASK $500. These stealth rimless ski goggles with their woven Chanel signature strap are the ultimate in downhill style guaranteed to turn heads as you race down the mountain.

BOMBER SKI RED SNAKE KEITH HARING $2500. Bomber All-Mountain skis are handcrafted in a small race lab in Italy with the highest level of craftsmanship and technology. The Red Snake Haring is part of the Artist Series collection, and each design in the limited production run features selected artwork from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. I-GUCCI XXL SPORT $1500. Sail away with this digital chronograph distinctive for its bright perforated orange rubber strap and graphic face. The display can be set to show two time-zones and switched into analogue mode as well. This particular I-Gucci Sport Regatta countdowns the 5 minutes preceding the start of a regatta, and then automatically activates the chronograph. JIMMY CHOO SHEARLING LINED LEATHER AND PIQUE-SHELL BOOTS $1,595. These chic and rugged boots are designed to provide exceptional protection from cold and wet weather conditions and look fab too! KASK CLASS SHINE HELMET $479.95. This sleek integrated helmet with panoramic visor features an ergonomic design and micrometrical adjustment buckle for a great fit and anti-wind, anti-fog, anti-scratch protection.

CENTER: LOUIS VUITTON ICONCLASTS KARL LAGERFELD PUNCHING BAG $4400. Karl Lagerfeld combined the codes of sport and luxury to create the Punching Bag, a key piece of the Boxing suite designed to celebrate the Louis Vuitton Monogram collection. While you could take a swing at it, most will prefer to use this elegant sporty bag for travel or the gym. The Punching Bag features expandable sides, a single zip closure and double chain handles in burnished brass. ELISABETH WEINSTOCK MANILA BOXING GLOVES $1450. These painted anaconda boxing gloves are a knock out in and out of the ring.


Kaitlyn Farrington Likes Gold


Kaitlyn Farrington surprised the snowboard world and even herself last winter, winning the gold medal in the Women’s Half-Pipe competition at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. She was the last snowboarder named to the U.S. Team at the final qualifying event, yet edged out three former gold medalists — defending champion Torah Bright (2010), Hannah Teter (2006), and Kelly Clark (2002) — to win 2014 Olympic Gold. Kaitlyn’s goals for the Olympics were just to make it to the finals, but executing one of the most technically demanding sequences of the night, highlighted by a backward 720-degree (2 turn) spin and a backward 900-degree (2½ turn) spin, Kaitlyn put together the run of a lifetime.

GNU has released the Limited Edition B-PRO GOLD KAITLYN FARRINGTON signature snowboard. Gold and sparkly like her medal, this snowboard can be yours with a click of the mouse, because GNU is giving one away to a lucky Style of Sport reader! All you have to do is tell us why you love winter. We figure if you want this snowboard you do! Deadline for entries is Jan. 15 at midnight. (CONTEST DEADLINE HAS NOW PASSED. THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED MONDAY, JAN. 19!)

We recently spoke to Kaitlyn about her whirlwind 2014 and goals for 2015. Much was made during the Olympics of the cruddy conditions of the half pipe and I was curious how she dealt with that obstacle. “Everybody was riding the same pipe and dealing with same problem,” she told me. “You couldn’t let it wear you down.” Qualifiers, semi-finals and finals were all the same day, and she competed in all three, giving her more time in that pipe to practice. “I had nothing to lose dropping into the finals and was just trying to make it as fun as possible. When I’m having fun that’s when I ride the best.”


Kaitlyn is looking forward to a relaxing post Olympic season “not chasing the contests”, although the Dew Tour and X-Games are on tap, as well as the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. This legendary event is having its 30th anniversary this year, but usually conflicts with bigger contests during the season. It is regarded as the predecessor to boardercross and has been won by some of the biggest names in the history of snowboarding. The winner’s prize is a Duct Tape trophy and an embroidered Carhartt jacket. It’s a far cry from Olympic Gold, but “to just go snowboarding and enjoy it again” sounds kind of like the dream life to us!

Photographs top to bottom: Shay Williams, ©Valdrin Xhema/epa/Corbis


“Feel The Burn”



The first time we heard the fitness mantra, “Feel The Burn”, was in the “Jane Fonda Workout” video. Just in time for New Year’s fitness resolutions, five of the best selling Jane Fonda videos are being re-released on DVD and digital download.

Jane Fonda basically invented the home fitness video industry, which did not exist prior to her 1982 debut workout tape. Hesitant at first, thinking it would be damaging to her career, she was eventually convinced by a friend and producer to make a video of the exercise routine from her #1 best selling book, Jane Fonda Workout. That VHS tape went on to sell 17 million copies.

Over the years, Fonda released 23 more fitness videos and to this date, “Jane Fonda Workout” remains the best selling fitness video of all time.