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“Opening day” is March 31 and the official start of the 2014 Major League Baseball season. It signifies the beginning of another season of America’s Pastime and reminds us that the warm days of summer are just around the corner. Baseball fan or not, you gotta love a sun soaked afternoon at the ball park, the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd, cold beers and hot dogs. And we’ve got the hot gear and styles to take you to the game or anyplace else you may want to play ball. Baseball hats and jerseys; team sweaters, sweatshirts and boardshorts; bats, balls and mitts… check out all the home run swag for great 2014 season!

ROW 1: J.CREW MERINO MESH SLEEVE BASEBALL SWEATER $79.50. Inspired by the classic baseball tee, this soft merino sweater, with its open-knit raglan sleeves and curved hem, is perfect warm up on any game day. LEATHER HEAD LEMON BALL BASEBALL $38. Toss around a LEMON BALL baseball, inspired by the original lemon peel style baseballs from the early 19th Century. NEW ERA “MLB COOPERSTOWN” 59FIFTY CAP $34.99. Root for the home team with these New Era 59Fifty Cooperstown throwback hats. Available in multiple variations for all your favorite teams, we love the cheerful light blue Philadelphia Phillies cap shown above. Read More


Snack Time: The Best of the Bar



Late afternoons I often find myself a bit peckish. As an NYC woman on the go, I am always on the quest for a healthy snack bar, one that is easy to find when I’m hungry.  My first grab is usually the KIND BAR, which due to some major distribution, is available at most markets, delis and drugstores.  I happen to love dried fruit and nut clusters, and that is essentially what these are in a pre-packaged bar. They have 200 calories you can easily burn, 1 serving of protein to keep you full (7g) and are relatively low in carbs (17g). There are lots of tasty flavors to choose from, and right in line with the dietary obsession of the moment, are all Gluten free!

The best snack bars have a good balance of protein, carbs, fat and fiber to satisfy your hunger and keep the blood sugar stable. I look for bars with all natural ingredients and whole foods, ones that are low in sugar, have around 200 calories, 7-10 grams of protein and 16-24 grams of carbs. I am not as concerned about fat, 10-12 grams is fine, as long as its coming from things like nuts and the bars are high fiber. Read More


Intense Flattery


As warmer days approach, feet start to take a beating in our favorite little flats. To the rescue from Smartwool, known for their top quality merino sport socks and technical apparel are these Womens Secret Sleuth Socks, perfect for ballet flats, loafers, and low-cut sneakers. Even in the brightest colors, these socks stay hidden and provide a comfortable moisture wicking layer between you and your shoes. Rubberized patches on the inside of the heel keep the sock in place, so no matter how low you go, there is no annoying slippage of the sock into the shoe.  Available in 8 different colors, these stealth socks will keep your feet from feeling the heat this summer.


Pharrell on Wheels


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From his Vivienne Westwood hat at the Grammys, to Lanvin tuxedo shorts at the Oscars, to top of the charts hit, “Happy”, Pharrell Williams‘ influence in fashion and music is omnipresent. Yet unbeknownst to many is Brooklyn Machine Works, the NYC based bicycle company he co-founded last summer with BMX pro and rising star, Nigel Sylvester. The company manufactures BMX bikes, and in typical Pharrell mode, recently collaborated with the ultra luxe Paris based furniture design duo, Domeau & Pérès, to create a limited edition fixed gear bicycle.

Domeau & Pérès are recognized for their craftsmanship, and true to their style, the bicycle is couture hand stitched and covered entirely in water buffalo leather. As much artwork as mode of transportation, this made to order bike is priced at $16,500. It is currently available in a limited edition of 13 exclusively at Atelier Courbet in Manhattan’s Soho. Only one is being produced per color, so if yellow is your flavor, and price is not an object, best put the pedal to the metal now.


Support in Motion



A few weeks ago we did a feature on compression apparel (Bright & Tight) and the benefits of this kind of supportive activewear on athletic performance. A few months prior to that, we reported on Kinesiology Tape (It’s A Wrap), as a popular new trend in post-treatment physical therapy for both professional and recreational athletes. We recently received a pair of athletic tights and shorts to test from a company called Opedix, which seemingly combine the benefits of both these concepts into one piece of clothing.

The KNEE-Tec tights and CORE-Tec shorts from Opedix feature scientifically designed tensioning systems within a compression base layer designed to enhance the kinetic functioning of the body. The theory is like kinetic taping, the tights and shorts support muscles in motion while helping maintain proper alignment of the joints. Kinetics are essentially the study of movement and how the joints and musculature of the body interact for optimal functionality.

Developed out in Vail, Colorado, Opedix is founded by a former business executive turned ski instructor, Kim Gustafson, in conjunction with the Steadman Clinic, the renowned orthopedic surgery center based in Vail. While undergoing treatment there for an ongoing knee injury and degenerative arthritis, it seemed his only option to continue skiing was a cumbersome knee brace. He began to explore the concept of a more comfortable form of knee support, integrated into a pair of tights, and partnered with a group of biomechanical experts at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute, a branch of the Steadman Clinic. Coincidentally, they had been investigating a similar idea.

The result was the KNEE-Tec tights, clinically tested and proven effective in supporting the musculature around the knee joint, and increasing function, strength and stability. The company followed up with the CORE-Tec shorts, designed to support the core, hips and low back. Both models use compression as a stabilizing force for increased muscle endurance. The tights are breathable, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

So the question you all are asking is “Do they really work?” Can we answer scientifically? No. But I have now run in the shorts multiple times and have felt strong on every outing. Coincidence… maybe? You be the judge.


Hot In The Shades


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Big, Bold and Bright… there is no missing this season’s hottest shades! Sport brands like Oakley, Dragon and VonZipper, and fashion brands like Mykita, Carrera and Italia Independent have all pumped up the volume with colorful aviators, shields, and wraps all designed for extra fun in the sun. All styles are unisex too!

LEFT COLUMN: ITALIA INDEPENDENT I-ACE METAL $217. Slim shady are these thin metal frame aviators with rubber matte varnish and fumè lens. They are available in a host of colors and in a round frame as well. VON ZIPPER BIONACLE $95. These big bright shields will have you glowing under wraps in host a high octane colors. MYKITA OLIMPIA $580. From the award winning MYLON series, these ultra-stylized aviators blur the line between sport and fashion. They are extremely light, durable and feature scratch-resistant Zeiss lenses for 100% UVA and UVB protection. CARRERA CHAMPION RUBBER $129. This celebration of the iconic Carrera Champion combines the classic aviator frame with matte rubber temples in a variety of bright colors.

RIGHT COLUMN: DRAGON REMIX $150. These oversized shields are designed to block out the sun with megastyle and 100% UV protection. POC SPORTS DID $170. Golden Eyes! The DID offers superior optical performance and protection, for both casual and active use, with a slim lightweight frame and anti-scratch, anti-reflective NXT lenses. OAKLEY SPECIAL EDITION HERITAGE EYESHADE $200. Celebrating their 30th anniversary, Oakley has brought back this vintage performance classic as part of their Heritage™ Collection. ZEAL OPTICS FLEETWOOD $169. The 100% cotton frames are Italian made, biodegradable and digital Rx +3.00 to -5.50 ready with polarized lenses.


Sayulita Scrapbook 2014


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Team Style of Sport is just back from Sayulita, Mexico, and the 5th Annual Punta Sayulita Classic stand up paddlesurf contest. SoulCycle Master Instructor and Style of Sport Contributing Editor, Stacey Griffith, and I made the trek down to the Pacific Coast of Mexico for the second year in row, having had such a fun sporty spa retreat last trip.

Nestled in a cove on the Riviera Nayarit, about 40 minutes north of Puerta Vallarta, Sayulita has got to be the most perfect little surf town. With its small and gentle waves at one end of the beach, and pumping point break at the other end, Punta Sayulita is considered one of the premiere Stand-Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) destinations for beginners and pros alike. The town is filled with one-of-a-kind surf and clothing shops, each with an irresistible selection of swimsuits, board shorts, t-shirts, jewelry, bags, and other great accessories. It’s a high-low mix of bohemian style, trending chicer this year Punta Sayulita Beach Club and residential project getting closer to completion, and a crop of new shops opening up in its wake. Read More


Self Healthy Kitchen



SELF magazine recently launched “SELF Healthy Kitchen”, a line of frozen foods designed to make eating a nutritious meal as easy as just popping it in the microwave. The magazine partnered with Chef Calvin Harris to create a selection of all-natural entrees, minimally processed, and with no artificial ingredients. Whereas nutrition bars or shakes might have been the predictable nutritional product to launch, Editor-in-Chief Lucy Danziger recognized that the challenge to eat healthy came at mealtimes, especially dinner, when her readers wanted something fast, easy and satisfying.

We were recently invited to a tasting and sampled 4 different entrees: Steak with Portobello Mushrooms, Three Cheese Lasagna, Grilled Drunken Chicken and Southwest Style Vegetable Enchiladas. Made with such superfood ingredients as artichokes, avocado, broccoli, brown rice, kale, quinoa, I have to say all were pretty tasty! With a 90-minute spin class on tap for later that day, what I liked in particular was not feeling too full or heavy after the richer entrees.

Chef Calvin Harris is a classically French trained chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. As a child he witnessed the devastating effects of diabetes in his family, and as an adult saw what unhealthy eating was doing to his own life. He made it his mission to create the foods people loved, prepared in a healthy way. His first venture was a licensing partnership with NBC Universal/Reveille for the co-branded “The Biggest Loser/Simply Sensible” food line. It received an endorsement by the American Heart Association and quickly became one of the top sellers in refrigerated food category.

SELF Healthy Kitchen is not yet available in Manhattan yet (soon we hope!), but can be found in Stop & Shop, Ralphs, Dillons and other major groceries stores across the country. With all entrees less than 350 calories, looks like popular favorites such as Lean Cuisine and Weight Watcher Smart Ones might have a little competition in the frozen food aisle.

Photograph by Con Poulos for SELF


Pret-A-Sporter: Fall 2014






With the Fall 2014 Collections finally wrapped, it is time for our semi-annual “Pret-A-Sporter” round-up of the sportiest looks from the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris. From “Apres-Chic” to “Hot Legs” to “Varsity Glam” it looks like a very souped-up sporty season to come… Read More


Chia Charged



Last summer, we ran a story titled Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia, about the hot new superfood chia, whose benefits were widely touted in the best-selling book, Born To Run, as one of the top fuel sources for endurance athletes. Utilized by the Tarahumara Indians, a tribe of ultra-runners in the Copper Canyons of Mexico, the chia seed is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Because of their extreme absorbancy, chia seeds provide sustained energy and help prevent dehydration. They expand up to ten times their original size when soaked in water, forming a gel-like substance that slows the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar and fuels the body longer.

Last fall, at the New York City Marathon Expo, we found a number of new Chia products geared towards runners, most notably Chia Pod from the Australian company, The Chia Co. Enticingly packaged in a clear container, with a handy orange spoon tucked into the lid, Chia Pod consists of 3 ingredients — fruit, coconut milk, and chia seeds. What you see is what you taste. There is no added sugar, so while the banana flavor is sweet, the blueberry is quite tart. Somewhat strange at first, Chia Pods grow on you, with a texture worthy of note. Somewhat gelatinous, the seeds soak up the moisture of the coconut milk and remain as tiny chewable bubbles. They are most definitely a taste sensation.

Chia Pods are quickly gaining in popularity for both athletes and the health conscious. The Chia Co. recently partnered with eleven-time world champion surfer, Kelly Slater, to promote the benefits of chia on a global level, as well as the larger correlation between a healthy diet and wellbeing. Chia Pods are now sold in grocery and natural food stores (we just spotted them at Fresh Direct!), are available in four flavors, and are dairy free and vegan. Each Chia Pod has roughly 150 calories and provides 100% of the recommended daily intake of Omega 3 and 25% of your fiber. They are great as a power breakfast, quick lunch, pre-workout snack or savory desert, and made to eat and run!


The Pep Squad


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The look for spring 2014 is filled with team spirit, with designers like Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada, and Charlotte Olympia taking their inspiration from the cheerleading squads and the players for whom they cheer. From the football stadium to the soccer field to the basketball court and sidelines, classic letterman jackets, number jerseys, varsity sweaters, pleated skirts and tube socks have made their way onto the runway and street. So go team… it’s time to get your game on!

LEFT COLUMN: CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA TEAM SPIRIT VARSITY SUEDE WEDGE SANDAL $1295. Ra-Ra-Reminiscent of a varsity letter jacket, this Charlotte Olympia wedge turns collegiate nostalgia into fancy footwear. DKNY CROPPED PRINTED MESH TOP $95. Exclusive to Net-A-Porter, this DKNY cropped mesh top takes its inspiration from the football field and its hot midriff bearing players. MARC BY MARC JACOBS FLAME CREPE SLEEVELESS DRESS $498. This cheer-ful sleeveless silk dress is a pep squad classic — missing only the pom-poms! Check out this fun matching Washed Satin Jacket and Jumpsuit too!

CENTER COLUMN: Right on trend for the season is this soccer inspired look from PRADA SPRING 2014. World Cup Rio here we come! RIGHT COLUMN: RAG & BONE RAQUEL BOILED WOOL VARSITY JACKET $495. This varsity jacket is an American sportswear classic updated for this season with a clean and modern style. J.CREW COLLECTION FEATHERWEIGHT CASHMERE LONG-SLEEVE TEE IN VARSITY STRIPE $228. This cashmere sweater, with its varsity stripes, harkens back to collegiate days minus the course load. BALMAIN PLEATED DENIM MINI SKIRT $2280. From the resort collection (just a few left) is this cheerleader style denim pleated skirt. It’s fitted through the waist with a flattering style that flares out to three-dimensional pleats. ADIDAS ORIGINALS SUPERSTAR $75. This basketball classic, with its colorful three stripes, is the perfect sneaker to compliment all of the looks above and is now available in plethora of fun team colors!




Sporty Spring Sandals


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Although many of us are still stuck in our snowboots, spring holidays and warmer days are just around the corner. The chic sandal for spring 2014 is very sporty, taking its inspiration from such classic outdoor brands and styles as Teva, Birkenstock, Body Glove, pool slides and watershoes. Bright and colorful, cool and comfortable, from sport and fashion brands alike, check out our top 10 picks for the hot sporty sandals for spring.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: BIRKENSTOCK Arizona Birko Flor in silver $89.95; NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD Metallic Leather-Trimmed Raffia Sandals $820; TEVA Original Universal $40; LANVIN Holographic Woven Leather Sandals $990; PRADA Suede Asymmetric Flat Sport Sandal $710; GIVENCHY Swiss Floral-Print Flat Sandal $795; ADIDAS Adilette Slides $25 (can also be customized at Mi Adidas); KENZO Color-block Leather and Neoprene Sandals $250; KEEN Whisper Water Sandals $90; MARNI Metallic Leather Sandals $690