W.O.W! Working Out With Stacy London



On December 31st, the last and very chilly day of 2013, my friend Stacy London and I went for a power walk in New York City’s Central Park. I had asked her to join me for the inaugural installment of Style Of Sport’s “WOW” (Working Out With) series, a conversation in motion, with people you know, to talk about health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and the body issues that challenge us all.

For those of you who don’t know Stacy London, she was the tough-love-with-a-smile style guru and co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” for its 10 season run (the show’s last episode aired in October 2013). She helped transform fashion disasters into their most stylish selves, while doling out some bigger picture life advice along the way.

While Stacy is at ease motivating others, when it comes to her fitness regime she has faced some hurdles, due primarily to a number of physical issues. As she revealed in her book, The Truth About Style, Stacy suffered with severe psoriasis as a child. She has now developed Psoriatic Arthritis, a type of arthritic pain and inflammation that can occur in those with psoriasis. She only recently received this diagnosis, however, despite suffering from unexplained pain and chronic fatigue for the last couple of years. Interestingly, when I asked her if there any topics she wanted to discuss in particular, she said “the importance of moving… both literally and figuratively”.

So on the last day of January, the big month of fitness resolutions, I thought it would be fitting to share our conversation and provide some inspiration to achieve those goals in the  year ahead. Read More


Fashion’s Fantasy Football



In celebration of Super Bowl XLVIII and in support of the National Football League Foundation, the CFDA and Bloomingdale’s have teamed up on a special collaboration of 48 bespoke football helmets, created by an all-star team of designers. The helmets are being auctioned online, with 100% of the net proceeds benefiting the NFL Foundation, dedicated to promoting and improving the safety of the game. The NFL has been under much scrutiny as of late with numerous retired players coming forward revealing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a brain disease linked to repetitive head injuries. CTE causes neurobehavioral problems like memory loss, depression, suicidal thoughts and dementia. The NFL Foundation recently gave a $1.5 million grant to launch Heads Up Football, in an effort to promote better and safer game.

This fabulous collection of haute helmets are currently on display in the windows of Bloomingdales 59th street flagship store in Manhattan. Participating designers include Alejandro Ingelmo, Betsey Johnson, Billy Reid, Cynthia Rowley, Catherine Malandrino, Cynthia Rowley, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan and Narciso Rodriguez, just to name a few.

Fashion and football fans can visit Bloomingdales.com/superbowlhelmets to access the NFL Auction and bid on these one-of-a-kind Super Bowl XLVIII helmets. The auction ends February 4, so don’t miss this opportunity to own one of these couture sport headpieces and support the cause!


The Legend Returns



Out of production since 2012, Adidas announced last week the return of the iconic Stan Smith tennis shoe and a whole new collection. A timeless classic and fashion favorite, the shoe was first launched in 1973 and named after 1970’s American tennis star, Stan Smith. Born in 1946, Smith is a two-time Grand Slam singles champion (US Open 1971, Wimbledon 1972) and was ranked No. 1 in the world in 1972. The Stan Smith was the first leather tennis shoe ever produced and considered very high tech at the time.

Besides the classic fairway green, the Stan Smith is now available in an array of new vibrant colored heel tabs, in addition to a suede skate shoe edition, the Stan Smith Vulc. Adidas has also announced their boutique Consortium line will offer four special editions of the shoe featuring premium leather treatments — cracked leather, reptile, ostrich and pebbled phoenix leather –in the original white and green Stan Smith color scheme, to be released on January 25.

To promote the relaunch, Adidas has created a video entitled ‘The Return of Stan Smith’, which features Smith himself, and celebrities including ‘Arrested Development’ actor Will Arnett, and brand ambassadors such as Andy Murray.



“It’s Your Level Now”



A few years ago while skiing in Crested Butte, Colorado I found myself alone on a trail that I seriously wondered how I was going get down. The extreme terrain at Crested Butte is “ski at your own risk”, and while I had skied there many times before, it was always with a guide or local skier familiar with the mountain and snow conditions.  It was a lucky encounter with a local ski bum and his wise words that got me down that run. “It’s Your Level Now”. Those words have become my mantra. I wrote about the experience in the February 2014 issue of Fitness magazine, which you can read here…

There are two types of expert skier: those who ski on the trails and those who ski off them. You could argue whether the latter are the more skilled, but there’s no doubt that they are the more extreme. When I was growing up in New York City, family vacations to the resorts in New England consisted of sticking to the mountain trails. Venturing “off piste,” or skiing backcountry, which is so popular now, was not something that ever occurred to us to do.

I’ve since become one of those skiers who ride the back side of the mountain, where the double black diamond trails are often unmarked and it’s “proceed at your own risk.” I graduated from tackling the tamer mountains in the East to skiing in the Rockies, picking up skills and savvy from resident pros along the way. My safety net is that I always go with a guide or locals who know the mountain, the conditions, where to ski, and where not to. Or at least it was until recently.

I was vacationing a couple of winters ago in Crested Butte, Colorado, with family who still prefer to ski the groomed intermediate slopes. I figured I had skied the back bowls here enough to be able to find a manageable path down by myself. So I grabbed onto the no-frills T-bar that takes you there — if this rickety “lift” doesn’t intimidate you, there are signs next to it that read “Extreme Terrain, No Easy Route Down.” As the manicured trails faded away behind me, I knew there was no turning back. At the top, I skied over to one of the ridges that access numerous trails and bowls, all ungroomed and varying in difficulty. I passed one trail after another, thinking, No…too steep, No…too rocky, No…too little snow cover, until I got to the end and realized I was out of options. I had to ski the only trail left. So down I went, thinking, This isn’t so bad, when the already-sketchy snow turned into big rocks and a cliff. Read More


Opposites Attract


Image Map

Blacks and whites, darks and lights, the trend right now in sporty gear and apparel is graphic and bold. Stripes, accents and color blocks of opposite colors give chic and elegant style to everyday sportswear. From down jackets to track spikes to even loungewear at home, here are 10 of our January favorites!

LEFT COLUMN: CANADA GOOSE CHILLIWACK BOMBER $595. A seriously warm coat with seriously major style, this bomber down jacket is crafted to withstand the harshest conditions and temperatures as low as -20°C. It is shown above in chic white with black lining, cuffs and closures, and an extra warm coyote-trimmed tunnel hood. NIKE ZOOM RIVAL D8 TRACK SPIKE $65. Don’t you wish you ran competitive track just to wear these these statement black, white and gray striped spikes? For those of you who do, we know you must be fast! ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY WEEKENDER BACKPACK $130. Featuring contrasting black mesh all-around side pockets, elastic bungee strap and buckle to keep items secure, this tall off-white backpack has chic city style with sporty functionality.

CENTER COLUMN: ART PRODUCTION FUND + YOKO ONO WATER BOTTLE $28. Created in collaboration with Yoko Ono, stay hydrated with this stainless steel water bottle stamped with the artist’s signature “Imagine Peace” slogan in different languages. KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE SATIN TRIMMED JERSEY CAMISOLE $260 & PAJAMA SHORTS $195. Sexy is this sporty lounge and sleepwear from Kiki de Montparnasse. White semi-sheer ribbed cotton-blend jersey is contrasted by a black racer back and buttons fastening up the front. NIXON WATCHES “THE NEWTON” $125. Designed with elegant simplicity, with it’s rotating disc display, this watch tells you all the time you need to know. Shown above in black with white dot “hands”, it is also available in reverse, and in a selection of other colors as well.  NIKE SPORT HEADBANDS $10. Black, white, and striped, these thin graphic headbands come in a pack of 6.

RIGHT COLUMN: T BY ALEXANDER WANG BROAD STRIPE SWEATER $310. Cotton and merino wool blend, this ribbed graphic bold striped crew neck is the perfect all season sweater. MAVIC PLASMA HELMET $179.95. This high performance cycling helmet features an Ergo Fit Retention System, 20 sleekly constructed cooling Clima-vents, along with Alutex reinforcement, for pro-level fit, comfort and strength. ELIZABETH ROBERTS EPIC JACKET $695. The silhouette-skimming cut, pleated racing stripe sleeves, and graphic contrasting colors give elegant style to this sporty jacket. Made from Schoeller fabric, it is water, wind and stain repellent, and features hidden seam and forearm pockets, along with patented SmartShield protective pocket technology for mobile devices.


Miracle On The Hudson: A Friend’s Story



You can never know what the experiences are of the person sitting next to you. I met Michelle Evans on a spinning bike. We both take Stacey Griffith’s classes at SoulCycle multiple times a week and through our shared passion for this physical activity and our instructor, we’ve become friends.

One day last summer, Michelle and I went to get a juice after class. While standing online, Michelle surprisingly told me she had been on US Air Flight 1549, the plane that famously crash landed in the Hudson River after a flock of geese hit the engines. I was stunned. I had no idea that someone I saw almost every day had survived of one of the most famous plane crashes in history–an incident everybody had seen on the news or read about in the paper, and one that none of us ever could imagine going through.

Michelle was the first person off the plane. She was seated in the exit row, seat 10A, right next to the door. Michelle was terrified of flying and always chose that seat if it was available. How many times have we chosen a seat in the exit row for the legroom, but ever imagined we would actually be the one to open the door?

Today marks the five-year anniversary of the crash of flight 1549. I asked Michelle if she would share her experience with those of us who know her so well from Soul Cycle, and with the Style of Sport community. Michelle kindly agreed. I asked Stacey Griffith to join our conversation as she is someone who has become an important part of the positive experience Michelle has taken away from this life-changing event.

The images below are pages from the book Miracle on the Hudson which Michelle gave to Stacey for her birthday. She annotated it with Post-It notes of her personal experience from that day.




ME: I don’t really even remember everything that happened and actually the book gives the best recounting. It had snowed that morning but it was clear when we left. If you remember last week when the weather was 11 degrees — that’s how cold it was that day. When I think back I still wonder, how the hell did I go into the water? My memory of everything is warm. Read More


Paddle As Accessory



When you have bright and colorful Stand Up Paddleboards, swimsuits, board shorts and rash guards, why settle for a boring black SUP paddle? For all you fun loving paddlesurfers comes the Vantage Art Series and Vantage Branch Series SUP paddles from Riviera Paddlesurf.

Available in 11 different styles, 5 in exotic wood and 6 in the graphic series, this top of the line carbon fiber paddle is not just for looks only. Ultra light and stiff, it provides a powerful boost of acceleration to each stroke and the all carbon construction gives the paddle superior strength and durability.

So make a fashion statement out there on the water as you paddle by the pack — in plaid, camo, zebra and more –with the hot new must SUP accessory.


Body Hydration



There is no doubt that Mother Nature is showing us what she’s made of this winter, dishing out frigid temperatures across the country. Our poor skin has been taking a beating in the cold, and it’s time to go on the offensive with nourishing body moisturizers that hydrate and protect against the elements. From boutique beauty to drug store brands, here are our favorite fresh and naturally scented body lotions to keep skin moist, soft and smooth, regardless of the weather outside.

LEFT COLUMN: FRESH SUGAR LYCHEE BODY LOTION. This sweet lychee-scented lotion is enriched with shea butter and mango seed oil to nourish the skin; vitamins C and E and lychee extract to protect the skin; and brown sugar, a natural humectant, to soften the skin. THE BODY SHOP MANGO BODY BUTTER. This super-rich and creamy body butter is a feast for dry skin. It contains Community Fair Trade cocoa butter and has a scrumptious mango scent. L’OCCITANE SHEA BUTTER BODY LOTION. Moisturize, nourish and protect dry skin in a trove of nature’s treasures, including 15% Shea Butter (derived directly from the African Shea tree), natural honey, and apricot oil. Subtle essences of jasmine and ylang-ylang enhance the senses.

CENTER COLUMN: C.O.BIGELOW LEMON BODY CREAM. A favorite in the apothecary since 1870, this time-honored formula is proven intensive moisture care for very dry skin. Nourishing lemon extracts, super charged with Vitamin C; ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter; and replenishing Kukui Nut Oil, rich in essential fatty acids, are blended together to create this lemony rich body cream. BLISS LEMON AND SAGE BODY CREAM. Another delectable lemon body lotion and customer favorite, this paraben-free moisturizer bathes the skin in deliciously fragrant super hydration. EGYPTIAN MAGIC SKIN CREAM. A beauty insider and celebrity favorite, Egyptian Magic is an all-natural skin cream said to be derived from a formula found in ancient Egyptian tombs. It is made from six of nature’s most powerful moisturizing and healing ingredients. Olive oil penetrates skin, leaving it soft and supple, while beeswax creates a protective barrier to help retain moisture. Honey and royal jelly rejuvenate skin and support collagen production. Bee pollen absorbs free radicals and propolis extract promotes healing.

RIGHT COLUMN: NIVEA ESSENTIALLY ENRICHED BODY LOTION. This drugstore favorite is a moisture rich formula of natural sea minerals and almond oil that intensively hydrate and nourish dry skin. AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT. Dermatologist recommended, Aquaphor Healing Ointment is a multi-purpose, no-frills, fragrance-free total body moisturizer that protects and soothes extremely dry skin, chapped lips, cracked hands and feet, and many other winter skin maladies. KEIHL’S CREME DE CORP. This customer favorite, rich, non-greasy, and hydrating body moisturizer is enriched with antioxidants and emollients such as Beta-Carotene, Cocoa Butter, Sesame Oil, and Kiehl’s signature ingredient, Squalane, a botanical lipid that helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance.



Low In Pro, Goggles To Go


Image Map

The new face of ski and snowboard goggles is slim and trim, with rimless, low profile and barely there frames. Most feature quick and easy lens switch systems that can be swapped as fast as the light changes… some without even removing your gloves. This generation of goggles offers wide and unobstructed peripheral vision with clear views left, right, up and down, designed to stay that way with unrivaled anti-fogging and scratch resistant protection. From stealth back to neon orange to shimmery metallics, all these goggles are available in a multitude of color combinations to match any skier or snowboarders slope style. The season is only just getting started. Check out our 8 hot picks for the snowy days ahead!

ROW 1: OAKLEY CANOPY SNOW $200. The expanded lenses and low-profile frame of the Oakley Canopy maximizes peripheral and downward vision. The O-Flow Arch technology gives support across nasal zone to optimize breathability, and for extra comfort, the face foam is a triple layer with moisture-wicking fleece. Plutonite lens material filters out 100% of all UV, with the addition of F3 anti-fog coating for optimal vision and protection. Shown in stealth black above, the Canopy is available in an endless array of color combinations. DRAGON ALLIANCE NFXS $160. A slightly smaller frame than the patented NFX, the frameless design of the NFXs allows for maximum peripheral vision. It features a super quick lens changing system, triple layer face foam, and Dragon’s exclusive Super Anti-Fog coating. Also available in a wide array of lens options and strap combinations.

ROW 2: SCOTT LCG $185. With its patented quick changing lens system, the Scott LCG offers lens interchangeability so easy it is not even necessary to remove gloves to swap lenses. Its thin ergonomic molded lens case is barely noticeable in jacket pocket. SCOTT Fit System Technology allows adjustments of the lower face flange with a 4mm range of motion in 4 directions that allows the wearer to create a custom goggle seal and face fit. SMITH I/OX $175. Equipped with an extra large spherical lens for extreme peripheral vision, the I/OX features a patented Vaporator Lens Technology with 5X Anti-Fog technology; Quick Release Lens System for easy interchangeability; and 3-Layer DriWix Face Foam for comfort. Read More


Roll It, Stick It, Buff It



There are four muscle massaging tools that the athlete and avid exerciser must have to improve endurance and performance. Ranging from high to low, the cheapest of options will cost you less than $5. So if you’re going to keep going, you better have at least one.

THE STICK. The Stick is a rolling pin device composed of a semirigid core around which 8-10 (depending on the size) one-inch spindles freely spin. Made popular by world-class distance runners, this simple tool is fantastic for relieving trigger point pain, increasing flexibility and accelerating recovery time. The Stick comes in a 20″ and 17″ size, which is perfect for travel. I don’t leave home without it!

BELLECORE BODYBUFFER. Hold on tight because this oscillating massager packs a lot of power and provides a vigorous, deep-tissue massage and exfoliation experience. Using a HoneyBelle or smaller BabyBelle bodybuffer before a workout is a great way to kick-start circulation, heat and loosen up muscles. After training, the BodyBuffer massage action enhances blood flow to the muscles, flushes out lactic acid and toxins, and relieves soreness. This is a serious piece of machinery!

Read More


Spin Art


For those design aficionados and fitness enthusiasts who have envisioned a piece of exercise equipment that rethought the traditional and brought a new refined aesthetic to the indoor bicycle, Ciclotte has arrived. Ciclotte was created to integrate into the modern interior as a showpiece, and hold its own in a space furnished with a such design objects as a Toio floor lamp, Bertola chair or Saarinen table, as shown above, while still offering its owner an exceptional ride.

Designed by Luca Schieppati, a young designer from Milan, and produced in Italy, Ciclotte breaks the rules of traditional gym equipment that has focused only on the functional aspects. The uniquely distinctive large wheel was inspired by the bicycles of the late 1800’s and has been reinterpreted into a carbon fiber and steel design that offers a smooth and efficient riding experience. There are 12 speeds of magnetic resistance enhanced by such details as oversized circular pedals, ergonomic and multi-position prong-like handlebars and racing saddle, and accessories like an iPad holder.

Ciclotte is produced in a sophisticated palette in both carbon fiber and steel models. As expected, this piece of luxe fitness equipment does not come cheap. Prices range in the $10,000 to $12,000 range, not that surprising when considering the furniture and art whose company it keeps. Ciclotte is available online at www.ciclotte.com and also here in NYC at VoceDi, where I had the fun of taking it for a little test spin and imagining a life where I owned not just the bike but the whole house that went with it.

Photograph by Ezio Manciucca